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Wall Re: What Villian Should be in the Sequel?

Why can't I see Seth anywhere? I havnt read thor in a while but when i was growing up I read him religously.
The best story arc I read was when Seth/Gog invaded Asguard. The Avengers featured - I think the black Knight died using his body as a sword to kill Seth. Loki involved. Hel involved. Odin awoke from Odinsleep to release Surtur (imprisoned in Odin's body) to battle Ymir. It was the best ever. They should not have awoken Odin at the end of the first film and I didnt like the casting of Sif.
I also liked when Thor and the Sandman got involved. Great fights. I would like to see Spiderman 3's Sandman crossover to Thor!
Oh and where the HELL was Tyr in the movie - LUVS him!!!!!

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