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Default Re: Transformers 3 merchandise

Originally Posted by Colossal Spoons View Post
I'm sure it's coming. I don't like the figure at all so I shan't be buying it. Besides the cripple-arm, ROTF Megs is my favorite so far.

Starscream got the Leader class upgrade last time so I think Shockwave will be the 2nd leader Decepticon. Making Bumblebee and Ironhide Leader class seemed unnecessary IMO. Ironhide's lower half is painted horribly:

They run out of black paint or what lol?

Are you kidding me? I HASBRO for finally making a Leader Class Ironhide action figure!

These Leader Class action figures are by far the superior Transformer Movie based action figure: FACT!

I don't know why people want the tiny dinky 'deluxe' figures..they can't even interact with the G.I. Joe action figures or the Mutt figure from Indy...guess it's personal preference but hot damn do I love the Leader Class figures...they have weight and scale to them..they FEEL like you have these big ass robots in your hands you know? Without bein' too they are so movie accurate when you compare them to the Voyager figures. I don't understand why the Voyager Ironhide has a way bigger head than Optimus's tiny dinky ass head...and the articulation on Megatrons arms sucks..they are just poor figures and overpriced for what you get I find.

Either way, whatever like I said if ya like the other figures more power to ya, personally I think the Leader Class are so friggin' awesome!

I can't wait for the Ironhide...not sure why his legs are blue..this guy at work looked at it over my shoulder and he's like "Is that 'casual jeans Friday Transformer or what?"...I agree, but I'll get over it he just looks too cool.

P.s.--The Leader Class Starscream? How amazing are those pop up gattling guns and missles in his arms?...awesome.

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