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Default Re: Superman the Movie = STILL the greatest superhero movie

Originally Posted by bullets View Post
Absolutely the best Superman film by far. The only negative for me is the reverse time ending but everything else works great

I can buy people not seeing Clark fly out the window. It's not something you would expect to see or be looking out for. Someone would have to be looking that direction.
Most skyscrapers don't have windows that open, probably because it's pretty windy that high up. Also, if I recall correctly, people can be seen looking at Clark as he jumps out the ****ing window. This is never brought up again.

Originally Posted by bullets View Post
A lot of that was comical. I had to suspend disbelief that a genius like Lex would have a bumbling henchmen.
Another problem I had was Lex Luthor. He's not a very threatening villain, and Otis didn't help matters at all. In a serious film like Superman: The Movie, I want to be scared of the villain, not laugh at him and his incompotent henchmen. It would be like if in THE DARK KNIGHT, one of the Joker's goons put all his explosives in the wrong hospital or the wrong warehouse when he was threatening Harvey Dent's life. Comic relief has no place in a scene about a mad genius stealing nuclear weapons with intent to use them to cause massive civilian casualties. Not to mention the people assigned to guard the nuclear ****ing weapons are too incompetent to serve as mall security.

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