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Default Re: Transformers 3 merchandise

I was in Wal-Mart the other day and the only figure they had in leader class was bumblebee. I don't even collect figures but I am tempted to buy some of the movie Transfomer ( dark of the moon) figures to as collector items. Anyone have any idea on which one I should get first? Which ones are rare or collector item worthy?

I also saw those new masks they have for kids that I wish they had in adult sizes. They are masks in either Optimus or Bumblebee but it built in Real D 3D glasses. You know that glasses we get at the theater when you see a movie in 3D. Then they would charge us a extra 3.50 for the glasses. LoL but alas even if they had those in adult sizes I think a 23 year old dude like myself would even nerdier than I already am lol.

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