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Default Re: Siegel & Shuster vs WB: Superman and Infinite Crisis - Part 1

Wanna know what's in the stolen documents that WB can now use in their court case?

- The person who stole the documents was indeed a disgruntled lawyer in Toberoff's firm. He attempted to take all of Toberoff's clients by offering reduced fees, but when that failed, he stole certain documents relating to the Superman case and delivered them to Warner Bros. with the intention to destroy Toberoff.

- One of the documents is a letter from Michael Siegel, the son of Superman creator Jerry Siegel. Toberoff attempted to get Michael to join the lawsuit against Warner Bros., but was rebuffed because Michael did not want to work with Toberoff.

- The letter in Toberoff's posession was a message to Michael's sister Laura Siegel Larson, warning her not to get involved with Toberoff calling him a "mysterious billionare" who has teamed up with William Morris Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel to take control of the Superman franchise for themselves.

- Other documents include consent agreements with the Siegels and Schuster Estate not to deal with Warner Bros. independently and how to divide the Superman rights and proceeds if they are successful in terminating the copyright from Warner Bros. (i.e. the 47.5% that goes to Toberoff and others while the rest gets divided between the Siegels and Schuster Estate).

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