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Default Re: Thor Sequel Ideas

Originally Posted by Blackman View Post
Where are some ideas for a Post-Avengers Thor movie? Characters who should be used? Stories that should be used?

I have no knowledge other than the first movie and wikipedia on Thor. Are there any villains other than Loki who can hold his/her own film? Because I imagine they might not wanna use Loki since he's already in The Avengers. Enchantress seems interesting but it seems Im not sure if as a villain she can hold a 2 hr movie.

I also suspect Sif/Thor's relationship will be used more. And I hope the Warrior Three will be bigger
I don't expect that until the third, if at all. If they go with Enchantress in the sequel she will be used to make the Thor/Jane relationship stronger. I can see the third showing us Odin refusing Thor permission to marry Jane and pushing Sif as an obstacle which will ultimately fail.

I never was a fan of the whole sif/thor thing though. Its not as dramatic as the whole Jane relationship and not as relatable. Every woman reading Thor is a Jane, not a Sif so Jane should be the lead. And in the end, Thor dating Sif is like looking in a mirror. Definitely not what a egotistical God needs, he needs to fall for someone 'inferior'. Stan had it right first time.

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