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Default Re: What about the movie was actually better than the comics, and what was worse?


Lack of Don Blake. That is just a weird secret ID.

Thor looks less of a caveman that found a book of Shakespeare. This one seems like you could have a decent conversation with him.

Lack of a Thor/Sif plot. That whole relationship doesn't work dramatically and it doesn't work for Sif as a character.

Jane is given a meaningful role in Thor's life, why he needs her is clearer. Jane is an amazing character when written right, she is funny, intelligent and sassy but not many writers understand her beyond being the silver age nurse that got abducted a lot. Read Thor: The Mighty Avenger for the perfect Jane.

Darcy exists


There wasn't enough of the Warriors Three. Volstagg should be fatter and Fandral more amorous.

Sif didn't have any personality beyond loyalty and anger issues.

The comics have better fighting dialogue. All the tough guy talk from Thor in the Jotutunheim fight was embarassing.

But I'm trying to find flaws in an almost perfect movie. It was better than 616 Thor has been in years.


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