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Default Re: What about the movie was actually better than the comics, and what was worse?

Originally Posted by 04nbod View Post
Laufey's 'Run home little princess' was crap. One minute Thor's all about women's rights and the next he's insulted at being called a girl.

When Loki says 'Damn' in that '****s about to go down' way it is reminiecent of all cliche action movies ever. You might as well have him say 'It's on', its the same thing and out of character.

Then there was all the tough guy stuff coming out of Thor's mouth like 'Next' and 'At least make this a challenge for me'. I was cringing, it was an 80's Arnie movie at that point.
'run home little princess" line was lame i agree..but the loki saying damn was great and it worked for me even though it was cliche...i mean i could be a lot worse u know..

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