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Default Re: Siegel & Shuster vs WB: Superman and Infinite Crisis - Part 1

Originally Posted by hippie_hunter View Post
I wouldn't be surprised if it were Kane that screwed them over. I remember reading that Kane was a lot like Stan Lee, kind of a dick who took all the credit for a lot of stuff he didn't even do and tended to screw people over.

Kane was like Stan on steroids. At least Stan actually scripted all the stories his name was signed to even if he didn't edit them. Kane did pencils on Batman until about 1941 and the occasional story afterwards, and treated his ghosts and his main writer, Bill Finger, like garbage. Conversely, Jerry Siegel wrote most of the Golden Age Superman stories and although the Shuster studio had ghosts, they were actually paid well-which is where a lot of the money S&S made went. Kane later on went into painting, selling portraits of clowns (don't ask), and he was later on sued by an artist because he hadn't paid her for the work she did for him...or to quote writer Arnold Drake, "The clowns, he even had a ghost for the ****ing clowns!"

Stan is (for the most part) a decent guy who was lucky enough to be partnered up with a genius when he worked with Kirby. Although much like the way Kane ratted on Siegel and Shuster over the Superman lawsuit in the late 40's, it's widely suspected that Stan told his uncle, Martin Goodman, that Simon and Kirby were planning to leave Timely for National when Goodman reneged on the contract S&K signed for doing Cap which was supposed to pay them a substantial percentage of the profits from Cap.

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