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Default Re: Batman 1966 appreciation thread

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
That is AWESOME! Good on ya, Chris.

LOL! In Adam West's autobiography, he says the four actors playing the villains had so much fun working together on that movie.

In fact at the premier Burgess opted to attend dressed up as The Penguin.
Oh it definitely shows they were having fun. Frank looks like he is trying not to laugh before he actually laughs and Burgess has an amused smirk when the shot goes back to him.

Think of everything that the Green Goblin has done in the world of Spider-Man, and think of everything that Doc Ock has done Doc Ock is the guy who killed Peter Parker! You don't get better ranking points on villainy than that. So you have two of Spider-Man's greatest foes the two greatest foes heading toward a collision....I've got a pit over here filled with people I've killed in Spider-Man. So I mean this in all seriousness: When you hit "Goblin Nation," all bets are off. No one is safe. No one is safe.

-Dan Slott
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