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Default Re: Avengers Score : Singular, Or Multiple Composer?

Originally Posted by Green Day View Post
Single, my choices would be
Danny Elfman
James Horner
James newton Howard
Howard Shore
Alexandre Desplat
Wow! No Zimmer. For once. Yeah I hope he and his cronies won't get a chance to score a second of this. Only problem TPTB would get somebody they can easily micromanage to copy their typical sound. I just hope Whedon and co. go for a more traditional score. That's why it would be sweet if Giacchino and the names you listed above would get this gig. Most likely they won't b/c Marvel Studios likes hiring smaller composers. With the exception of Silvestri for Cap. But he hasn't wrote a score that I was really impressed with since Van Helsing.

Some have mentioned David Newman which would be nice as long as he can write a score that takes advantage of his talents. And doesn't limit him to copy the MV/RC sound. Like some composers have suffered scoring these films.

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