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Default Re: Avengers Score : Singular, Or Multiple Composer?

Of those recently mentioned, I'd be happy with:

James Newton Howard (always, that guy suits any tone, any genre)
Michael Giacchino
David Newman
Alexandre Desplat (I'm iffy on him in general, but the thought of him doing a superhero score is...intriguing)

And I'd add...

-John Powell
-Marco Beltrami
-Clint Mansell (ever since I learned he did the score to Sahara, which had a totally sound than people associate with him, I've wanted to see him score a proper blockbuster)
-And for a "cheaper, smaller composer" suggestion - maybe Henry Jackman. I think he's shown a lot of potential with X-Men: First Class and his contributions on Kick-Ass. Kinda reminds me of John Powell's early days.


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