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Default Re: Avengers Score : Singular, Or Multiple Composer?

Originally Posted by flickchick85 View Post
Alexandre Desplat (I'm iffy on him in general, but the thought of him doing a superhero score is...intriguing)
If you heard his score for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, Desplat can easily adapt to a wide range of genres (and not be typecast for romance and drama films). His action music for HP was truly impressive. And the way Desplat would use the electric guitar to represent Iron Man/Tony Stark would be more interesting than what Djawadi or Debney did for the IM films.

But Whedon has a good eye for composers. Whoever he'll pick will do a fine job. I would be ecstatic if someone like Desplat signed on to do The Avengers.

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