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Default Re: Favorite Badass: Jackman's Wolverine or Fassbender's Magneto?

Originally Posted by kedrell View Post
I have to disagree. Even at his most Wolvie-like(X1) I only ever saw him as just adequet. Much like I see Maguire's Spidey or Keaton's Batman. They just never fully embodied those characters. There were just doing good enough work in the roles.

Fassbender owned the Magneto role much more than Jackman ever could with Wolverine.

And the height thing is secondary. Sure, it would have been nice. But I'm just talking about the internal character traits. Jackman was just never quite mean enough to own the Wolverine character. Wasn't Wolverine as a character based on Eastwood's Dirty Harry? Yeah, Jackman fell short. He'd have made a better Dr. Strange, IMO.
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