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Default Re: Favorite Badass: Jackman's Wolverine or Fassbender's Magneto?

Originally Posted by Doctor Jones View Post
Man, both were badass, as Magneto was my favorite in this movie.

Now in terms of character was Wolverine held back because of the PG-13? Maybe. But the Stryker mansion invasion scenes and his stuff in X2 would beg to differ. That is mother****ing Wolverine. And his introduction in the cage fight in X1 is badass encapsulated. I do truly think you don't need to make an R rated Wolverine to make him badass though.

Fass gives a different level. Because they're different characters.
Stryker invasion was the only halfway good wolverine scene. The cage fight was lame; had it not been for his healing power a regular human woulda beat this work class trained "death machine"


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