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Default Move Over Ironman,Thor is now the best marvel comicbook character movie.

This is why.

easily.Hands down no contest.Here is why.

Finally got around to seeing this movie yesterday.I got to say this is easily the best marvel comicbook movie ever made.Hands down,no contest.I would have to give this movie a ranking of 10 out of 10.It was excellent.Exciting from beginning to finish.Heck I would go so far as to say this movie was not only better than Iron Man "whom up to now,I always considered to easily be the best marvel comicbook movie ever made," but twice as good as it was.And thats saying a lot since no other marvel comicbook movie till then or since then, had come close to being as good as Ironman was for me.

For me,what really made this movie exceptional and amazing was the special effects,they were truly amazing and awesome.seeing the world that Thor lives in.Great story and everything to back it up as well.Asgard was amazing and the musical score was just awesome,very touching at times,just like Superman I and II were.

theres some major blockbuster movies out there that have amazing special effects but its so horribly written,you cant take it serious once you get past the special effects. a couple examples are spider-man and star wars,revenge of the sith for example.whether people here reailse it or not,the spiderman films suck and are horribly overrated.

Revenge of the sith for instance,I was really impressed with the first time I saw it mainly because of the special effects and really enjoyed it the first time.That was mainly because I was so much dissapointed with its two predecessers before it though.after a a couple more viewings though,I was able to then look past how great the special effects were and realise that its not that great a movie.That I only liked it as much as i did the first time because like i said,it wasnt near as bad as the first two and had some amazing special effects.

Iron man I still enjoyed immensely after multiple viewings so I have no doubt that I will with Thor as well.I plan on seeing this film at least 3 or 4 more times while in the theaters.This movie was so awesome,I cant believe I am saying this but I will probably actually rank it up there with the first two Superman movies and Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.Both which are listed in my favorites list.I really enjoyed Ironman a lot, but not enough to where I ranked it as one of my favorites.It was funny when those Shield agents came out and said-Is this one of Starks machines?lol.

Thank god the movie trailers in this film did not let me down and the movie was every bit as great and exciting as the two trailers are on the first post of this thread.I knew from experience not to get too excited about it just because the trailers looked good.I was thinking that Sherlock Holmes for instance,was going to easily be my most favorite movie of the year that year because the trailer was so great.Turned out to be a major dissapointment though and I so much hated that film.This one however came though with flying colors.Captain America is going to have his work cut out for him trying to measure up tp Thor.

The only complaint that I really have about this movie and its very minor is that I was never a Thor fan or anything,but the few times I read a few of his comics and the few times I saw him in cartoons,I dont ever remember him smiling and being friendly like he was in the film.I always remember him being dead serious all the time when he spoke.

You got to assume there will be a sequal and somehow he will find his way back to earth again and be reunited with his lost love.
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