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Default Re: The Official JANUARY JONES/Emma Frost Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by FingersMcGhee View Post
But people on here have dated girls with the proportions of a woman comic book character. So it's fair debate

She looks just like my primary school teacher when I was 12...

Jessica Biel again has the same shape as the pic of the White Queen, I am not saying she is a perfect choice to play her but she does have the body shape that the is more sutied to playing the white queen.

I am sorry a few of you have never had the pleasure of a beautiful woman. There are alot more pretty women out there then fugly ones. As far as being a geek or some other school yard term, I am 38 years old married with 2 kids. There have been with many women in my life, some as sexy as Halle Berry and some plain like America Ferrera in Ugly Betty. If you are interesting and confident you can pretty much choose any woman you want no matter what you have or look like. All of you know a very attractive female that has a man and all you wonder about is what she sees in him. So please lets drop that aspect of this discussion and focus on the subject in question and that is the portrayal of the White Queen by January Jones.

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