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Default Re: The Official JANUARY JONES/Emma Frost Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by Sun_Down View Post
My girlfriend commented that Jones "must be doing a lot of auditions on her back." Can't say I disagree.
Well if rumors are to be believed.........

Her "acting" seems to be the biggest criticism of the movie

Seems it's not just here

Not a problem.

My one gripe with the movie was January Jones as Emma. She was completely wrong for the part. Her performance was very monotone. I'd say she was the weakest character in the movie.
Not surprising. She was bad on Saturday Night Live, too.

Aside from the character she plays on Mad Men, she really isn't a great actress.

Originally Posted by lurok View Post
The one joy I have reading other reviews here is almost universal consensus of how appalling Jones was. Does make you wonder why they never replaced her. Hopefully she'll get a well-deserved Razzie nom.

Originally Posted by TrekkieMonster View Post
- January Jones (can't act her way out of a paper bag)
IMO she just seemed bland.

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