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Default Re: Bryan Singer: Why 'Superman Returns' Didn't Work

Originally Posted by Dr. View Post
Well, that’s a somewhat problematic conclusion to draw… as the “consummation act” in SII appears to have happened around 1978-80 while SR (explicitly – the date is shown on the front page of the DP) takes place in 2006. Jason would be over 25 years old.

Taking SR as “stand-alone,” the assumptions one makes about its “pre-narrative” events are fairly modest and straightforward: shortly prior to the 5-year absence, Supes and Lois (must have) had sex – which (apparently) resulted in a pregnancy.

In the grand scheme, this is not a profoundly mysterious occurrence which requires Sherlock Holmes–like powers to figure out. And it's not one which remotely inspires the speculation that “amnesia” must somehow be involved.
When you go into the cinema having been TOLD this movie Is set after the events of S2, the assumptions you can make about the pre narrative, are not assumptions. They are based on what we saw in S2...

If Singer declared it was a 'stand alone' plot that mirrored the style of the previous films, then there would be no problem. But he didn't, did he?

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