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Default Re: What about the movie was actually better than the comics, and what was worse?

Originally Posted by 04nbod View Post
Laufey's 'Run home little princess' was crap. One minute Thor's all about women's rights and the next he's insulted at being called a girl.

When Loki says 'Damn' in that '****s about to go down' way it is reminiecent of all cliche action movies ever. You might as well have him say 'It's on', its the same thing and out of character.

Then there was all the tough guy stuff coming out of Thor's mouth like 'Next' and 'At least make this a challenge for me'. I was cringing, it was an 80's Arnie movie at that point.
As someone who's an avid fan of cheesy, lame 80s action movie dialogue for it's hilarity and can spot it from a mile away, I didn't get that at all from the dialogue in this scene. Completely honestly, Thor's lines with Hemsworth's delivery made that scene a billion times better for me, and I already would've loved it without the lines as it is. The way he screams back in the face of that roaring frost giant is so egotistical I feel I'd see on an actual cocky douchebag during a fight and is outstandingly fun & funny to watch (and not in that ironic 80s action way I described). I practically take offense to this complaint!

And to say that Loki might as well have said "it's on" is silly because he didn't, because that would've been hokey. The line is very appropriate and best of all- plays two ways, as you can interpret it as a sigh of Loki's knowing what's about to go down or acting on his part as he wishes for Thor to pick a fight and get into trouble.

And finally, Thor reacting to the minion frost giant's (not Laufey's) princess line has literally nothing to do with women's rights. All he needed to know was that someone was attempting to insult and humiliate him, and as we know Thor at this point doesn't take well to humility. I don't even think he was entirely offended, I just think he felt like showing off and putting the frost giant in his place, hence the smirk beforehand.

So yeah, I really, really liked all that

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