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Default Re: The official G1 purist thread.

As I grew up with the original Transformers cartoon, it will always be the definitive story..

So much so that when I see Grimlock was orignally from Cybertron in other mediums or cartoons I question it... The original cartoon's animation for the time was absolutley amazing even with the errors and I really have never been a fan of CG animation. So things like Beast Wars no matter how good the stroies were I just couldn't watch it.

It was also different to me att he time as Superman and Batman even He-man were singular characters but Transformers had an army of god and bad guys to love with each very different personalities and abilities. Some of the themes originated from Transformers (to my knowledge) were re-used in aother series.

Such as Starsscream always trying to overhtrow Megatron. This popped up with Cobra Commander in GI Joe and with Glove in Bionic Six to name a couple. Yes it was a toy parade but I loved it and at 32 years of age still do. The original design concepts have always been the best for me and the Masterpeice collection just show how much fans still love these characters.

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