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Default Re: The Official JANUARY JONES/Emma Frost Thread - Part 1

Actually...I reject that.

If a movie does not explain something AT ALL then it is not the average movie goers fault for not realizing that it is there. No matter how much a person thinks, if the movie didn't show it, the movie didnt show it. Saying "oh, in issue number 154 of the comic book it clearly explains blah blah blah..." what? You haven't actually shown anything about the movie whatsoever.

Besides...if we are using the comic book as reference and telling people that in order to understand, they have to read the comic and then think a little...well...I've read many of the X-Men comics...and these movies now make no sense to me whatsoever since they contradict the comic over and over and over again.

So...if the moves and comics are two different worlds...then...the movie did not explain to the non comic reader whether or not Emma can use both powers at once. It never came up. Super Nerds may get off on proclaiming that she cant, but the average movie goer has seen no evidence thus far.

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