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Default Re: The Official JANUARY JONES/Emma Frost Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by psyonic View Post
Emma Frost did not use telekinesis to throw Erik overboard. She uses her momentum from the spin to push him away. You still don't understand that while in diamond form she CANNOT use telepathy and she needed her telepathy to continue blocking Charles from having a fix on their location. I bet if Erik wasn't there attempting to move the submarine, they wouldn't have known about it since Charles was still blocked by Emma in her human form. I keep reminding you that the reason why the Hellfire Club was found is because Charles had a fix on Shaw. The point of Emma blocking Charles was that so cannot sense their presence. Had she shifted into diamond, their cover would have been blown and Charles would have been able to follow them. Also, Charles sensed Erik because Erik's mind wasn't blocked by Emma.

At one point in the comics it was hinted that she has a low level of telekinesis but this was never touched upon again and her main powers are telepathy and diamond form (due to secondary mutation).
I agree on the first point.

Regarding Emma and Charles...

Emma noticed Charles presence while in human form...she wasnt really looking for him before so you could say that he was scanning the boat or just the close proximity gave him away. She then turned on her powers and blocked him. At this point, she is using her psychic powers...she KNOWS that he has given up...she could have turned to diamond then...why? Because SHES PSYCHIC AND KNEW WHETHER OR NOT HE WAS DOING IT. It just looks like shes a moron and forgot to use her powers. This, along with the bedroom scene where she didnt use her psychic powers when she WASNT in diamond form and just let herself get captured.

This is stupid...we all know that she cant use the powers together in the we all assume that she cant in the movies...however, there is never a point in the film where it is explained that she cant...she simply doesnt. There are times when she doesnt use her psychic powers when she ISNT in diamond form and anyone with half a brain it appears to the average viewer that shes a moron who doesnt know when to turn her powers on...there are no hints that she CANT turn them both on at once.

Heck: she even sat there in prison until magneto broke her out, even though she could have EASILY escaped. She's an idiot...and that is the limit on her powers.

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