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Default Re: The Official JANUARY JONES/Emma Frost Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by Midnight Black View Post
^ LOL. Man people are going in on her. Finally read what happened between her and Galifinakis. Yeah, I probably would have scolded her too if she dismissed me like that.
Originally Posted by psyonic View Post
Who knows what he said to her in those ten minutes. He seems like an @ss anyway, judging from how he runs his mouth.
The Galifinakis thing, who knows what happened in that table? maybe she was trying to make a joke, maybe he has low self esteem as most comedians, or maybe she was being mean, in that case all bets are off, who cares how she looks, but Damon Lindelof knew what he was doing when he made that comment, and it's pretty much low.

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