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Default Re: Bryan Singer: Why 'Superman Returns' Didn't Work

Originally Posted by GreenKToo View Post
It's really too bad. SR had lots of potential. From the moment we saw Lex with the old lady in the mansion I figured it was in trouble. I literally cringed at that.
That scene, imo, should have been cut instead of the RTK one. what were they thinking....

Anywho, this is what *I* would have preferred to see...

This Lex would have also been responsible for tricking Superman into leaving, and he would have been non-goofy. Dark humor yes, screaming ''WROOOONG!!'' no.
Lex would have stolen the crystals in order to create high tech inventions and weapons, with NO mention of real estate, NONE.
He would have sold his inventions/weapons to the highest bidders, and created Lex-corp from the proceeds. He could have even used the kryptonian tech and changed one of his henchmen/bodyguards into Metallo.

In Supes absence, Lex would have been busy. He would have went on and created cures for cancer, stopped poverty, and used metallo to fight crime (while secretly stealing from the biggest corps in the world, and starting small wars to sell more weapons)
Lex would have cleaned up Metropolis to gain the public's trust ( who he hates ) so he could run for public office. mayor first, then congress.

Lex would have used every public speaking egagement to turn the public against the superman who abandoned them. He works the crowds into a fervor against superman at event after event. Before long, the public would have replaced Superman with Lex as their hero.

Time marches on. It's been 5 years and Lex finds himself bored. He's won. He has everything he has ever wanted. He is rid of Superman, he has power, wealth, women, but somethings missing. He paces the floor muttering. He stops and sips at a drink he's holding. He frowns.
Then it hits him. He actually misses his rival, the sparring, the chase...he shakes his head and stares out his Lex-corp penthouse window.....lightning flashes off in the distance, and for a brief instant, we see the reflection of Lex smile.

As if on cue, this is when superman's ship returns and crashlands in smallville. The next day, after he has recovered, clark catches up on things and indeed wonders if he is needed anymore. Maybe another city somewhere would be best. After some soul searching, he decides to try Metropolis again.

This Clark wouldn't have gotten his job back so easy at the planet. Jimmy is still his bud of course, and Lois still treats him like crap. It's Not until he, as clark, gets the dirt on Lex and releases it to the public does perry hire him back. Clark had to prove himself again. Clark also discovers that Lex tricked him into leaving..
With Clark having released damaging info on him, the publics trust in Lex is shattered. Lex is livid and sends Metallo to the DP.

We would have gotten an awesome shirtrip, and a shocked and excited Lex at the sight of Superman's return.

It would have had two superfights. Supes loses the first against metallo (in a close one), and wins the second..lots of damage and destruction happen.

Also, no kid. Its not that I hated him, its just that it created a big problem in SR and would have been even more of a problem in a sequel.
Nice one!

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