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Default Re: The Official: Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter Thread.

Originally Posted by peterparker0077 View Post
lol, it's silly to talk about physics in comic movies, but it's funny to think about... if this is the case about the bullets not ricocheting... then people wouldn't bounced off or be knocked back when they're bashed by the shield. They would just loose their momentum and fall down.
Well when he hits someone with the shield I think it's the shield's own momentum that sends them boucing off of it. And a human body reacts differently than a small piece of metal. Maybe it doesn't lose ALL momentum but the shield absorbs like 99.99% of it so that when the bullets DO bounce off, they're not traveling at any speed that would be potentially lethal.

And there at least needs to be some semblance of reality in dealing with the laws of physics and such in a superhero movie. It helps the audience let go and take the film as it is when the filmmakers are careful to take into account. Completely disregarding the laws of physics in a superhero movie is the domain of such crappy films as the Joel Schumaker Batman movies and the last 2 of the old Superman movies(like Supes cape flapping in space as if their's an atmosphere up there).

Sure, these ARE fantasy superhero films but that's no excuse for being a lazy filmmaker.

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