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Default Re: The Official JANUARY JONES/Emma Frost Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by Nokio View Post
Well D@mn. I think Jones did a good job as Emma and was cast fine in my opinion. As for her situation with Zack, all I can say is that he has a slick mouth and is a comedian after all. The man isn't going to say what he may have said for her to make the comment it's time for him to leave but if you notice he said we both were rude to each other. He said something probably that turned her off. If she was rude to him for no reason he would've said that first and then he would've been justified in the comment he made to her about the show and no one remembering her. He's covering himself if she responds and repeats what he may have said or did. That way he can say well I did say we were both rude to each other. I've done it when I know ive been an @ss to people and their was a confrontation and when some asked me what happened i said oh it was both of us. NO big deal. I like Zack. I know nothing about Jones. I've never seen Mad Men. I've only seen her in Taken and she was decent there. I just don't agree with people that her Emma Frost was bad.
Yeah, no telling what was said. It was Unknown by the way, fyi. But yeah, he was probably being a smart ass trying to crack jokes and she got fed up and started to act snobby and blow him off. Thus, by saying that THEY were both being rude it does allow him to cover himself if she responds and repeats what he may have said and did. Pretty smart, if he was the one being the jerk first.

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