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Default Re: The Official JANUARY JONES/Emma Frost Thread - Part 1

I'm gonna give Jones the benefit of the doubt on the whole Zach Galifianakis issue. There were recent reports about how he was really awful at some the Hangover II premiere party when he was stressed out, so I think he's just a moody guy that is easy to set off. The reason he spoke out against Jones was that he was confused about why she complimented him in an interview. So I think their "altercation" was trivial in her opinion, and he's still holding a grudge.

As for her portrayal of Emma Frost, I think it was more than adequate. The most obvious problem I had was her line delivery in the interrogation scene, and really, Vaughn could have easily made her do it differently. That's what multiple takes are for.

The only other things were the few times Emma was shown waking through the sub, her body language looked kind of tired. When she entered the mirror room, she even abruptly stops for a second when the door hadn't completely opened. That take should not have been used. Again, I think the director should notice these things and correct their actors. Emma should strut a little when she walks.

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