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Default Re: The Official JANUARY JONES/Emma Frost Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by webhead921 View Post
Am I the only person who really loved Jones as Emma? I thought she was great.
No, you're not; she was one of the highlights for me, and I said as much on another board. Here's the reasons I liked her performance as much as I did, posted from said board:
I judged Jones' performance based on the role of her character and the way she played off of Bacon; to me, their relationship was a nice echo of the relationship in Singer's first two X-Men films between Erik and Raven/Mystique, and I thought she even channeled Rebecca Romjiin in a few places, which was neat. I also liked the way Jones played her scenes with the Russian general and Col. Hendry.
As an aside, I should note that FC is the first thing I've ever seen her in.

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