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Default Re: Why not do both? X4/First Class... Combine The Franchises!

I wouldn't be so sure on that.A case can be made of First Class/X-Men/X2 as trilogy.

Even If they want to treat X4 as sequel to First Class and X-Men/X2/Last Stand they
are not going to want to draw attention to The Last Stand.Cyclops won't be In X4
If they are not Ignoring Last Stand.They are not going to spend part of movie rewriting events of Last Stand.

The Days of Future past storyline Is not to rewrite film canon.It presentered an A possable future where Sentinles have killed mutants and surviving mutants are going to try to prevent this future.While In present evil mutants set out to kill a anti mutant politican.

Rogue would probally be given the role Kitty Pryde had In Original story.In part because Anna Paquin may be more willing to return than Ellen Page.

If Ian Mckellan doesn't want to return than likely an Older Emma Frost or possibly even
Sinster would be responable for sending mutants to kill politican.

Now If Kelsey grammer and Rebecca Romijn decline to return then I could see them
use Nicholas Hoult and Jennifer Lawrence.With both under makeup they could get away
with that.

If they don't Ignore Last Stand I could see X-men lineup of Wolverine,Storm,Rogue,Iceman,Colossus,possibly Nightcrawler and Beast(If they can make that work with how the Last Stand ended) and possibly Introducing Gambit.

If they Ignore Last Stand I see lineup of Wolverine,Storm,Cyclops,Rogue,Iceman,Colossus,Nigh tcrawler and possibly Beast rejoing giving connection to first Class.

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