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Default Re: Thor Sequel Ideas

Originally Posted by 04nbod View Post
I don't expect that until the third, if at all. If they go with Enchantress in the sequel she will be used to make the Thor/Jane relationship stronger. I can see the third showing us Odin refusing Thor permission to marry Jane and pushing Sif as an obstacle which will ultimately fail.

I never was a fan of the whole sif/thor thing though. Its not as dramatic as the whole Jane relationship and not as relatable. Every woman reading Thor is a Jane, not a Sif so Jane should be the lead. And in the end, Thor dating Sif is like looking in a mirror. Definitely not what a egotistical God needs, he needs to fall for someone 'inferior'. Stan had it right first time.
I agree with 04nbod , its not that I dont like Sif . I think she is a good strong character but Thor with Jane is more interesting. She can put him in his place without being a badass fighter, Sif and Thor are alot alike. Prersonally from what I read the whole Thor/Jane was doomed to fail which is sad, because she had to adapt to being an asgardian so quickly with out any traning what so ever and expected to pass Odin's trials, I think Odin knew this and let her try to satisfy Thor. ... and what makes it sadder is that her memories are wiped, so she dont even get to remember the time they had together.

I would love to see this storyline in a sequel, if they are planning on going with Sif as a love interest it would be a good way to end the relatioship with Jane , very dramatic and I can see Hemsorth, portman and hopkins pulling this off very well .

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