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Default Re: Please no more prequels!

The x-men franchise became flawed when Bryan Singer wasnt involved with the project...

Take First Class, X-Men 1 and X-Men 2, i view them as the Bryan Singer Trilogy, even though he didnt direct first class, i figure Vaughn complemented Bryan Singers vision of the first two x-men films.

you cant forget x-men 3, or wolverine origin movie but my opinion of the x-men franchise is that the mutant world we saw in x1-x3, was so limited... there was alot they could of thrown in without them just throwing in a character just for the sake of it.

so i see x-men 1 to 3 as taken place in an a very narrow x-men world and i think alot of fans were annoyed of that because there are so many complex things about the x-men.

first class... rejuvinated the franchise and basically gave it the kick into the bigger x-men world than we had previously seen. They need to follow First class into two more sequels before attempting x-men 4.

my thoughts are x-men 4 should take place way into the future, a future where alot of things have been established first. they simply havent done that with x-men 1 to 3 and so i feel x4 needs to exisit in a fresh new world.

lets say we follow the loosely canon based time line. the cast of x4 would be what? wolverine, storm, iceman, de-powered rogue, Shadow Cat, colossus and possibly angel.

I feel the way x3 left off there wasnt alot of options to story of where they could go, But if we include the wolverine movie and the first class movie, even though im not a fan of the wolverine movie of x3 for that matter, if anything i would say these movies have expanded the universe enough to make a more grown up idea of the x-men team.

We have introduced, Gambit, Beast, Sebastian Shaw, Riptide, all interesting characters into the mix.

if you look at the bigger picture, you could almost say they have introduced the characters necessary to make X-Men 4, more in line with the Animated Series from the 90's. Im not saying its an exact copy but think about it...

with the exception of Charles Xavier who was de-atomized, Phoenix who was killed and Cyclops who really we dont know what happened, only we are suggested that Phoenix killed him. So overall whose left

Wolverine, Storm, Rogue, Beast, Jubilee is still in the background, they could re-introduce Gambit. There is alot of avenues they could choose.


if they bring back some of the characters, bare in mind some of the actors who originally portrayed those characters have gotten older, by time x-men 4 comes out there would of been a 10 year gap.

so what other option do you have Recast and continue or why not Reboot?

i would probably say lets change the rule and stop worrying about continuty whatever fits fits.

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