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Default Re: Please no more prequels!

I really doubt they're going to reboot. First Class just came out and it could have been a reboot but they made a prequel instead. It clearly was an attempt at a new trilogy but that seems like it won't happen because of the domestic box office performance.

When calculated, it's not making as much as X-Men 1 (so far). X1's budget was 75 million compared to First Class' 160 million, that is more than double and FC is making almost as much as X1 did domestically, this is a huge concern.

Critically First Class was a success and if FOX has enough faith for a sequel then that's good, but keep in mind that a treatment for X4 and X5 was sent to FOX and apparently they loved it, and this was before First Class came out. They've been planning to make X4 and X5. Bryan Singer is interested in directing X-Men movies again, so I think it's likely that X4 and X5 will happen before a sequel to First Class sees the light of day.

Any X-Men movie released that is comparable in quliaty to X1, X2 or First Class, I'll be happy.

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