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Default Re: Danny Elfman Appreciation Thread! Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Nice interview, Eventhough some of his stories I've heard before as well as read about in the "Danse Macabre" book inside the DE/TB 25th Anni. Music Box.

Looks like Elfman is going to be booked next year. Plus the Raimi/Elfman feud is finally over. Thank goodness. Elfman has already started work on Raimi's film (Oz: The Great and Powerful) as well as Dark Shadows. But Oz is a 2013 film. Plus he's scoring MIIIB which is cool b/c it's release date is really close to DS. I thought he'd of backed out of MIIIB. He's also possibly scoring The Hunger Games. I don't know the book but I know it's popular. So that should be interesting. Not to mention Elfman has the Cirque Du Soleil: Iris, Real Steel, and Restless ( which he completed last year) this year. Also Frankenweenie next year. 3 projects this years 4 projects next year, and so far one in 2013. The Houdini musical supposedly comes out 2013 I believe. But he didn't say anything about that and he's been working on that since '08'. Very exciting projects, imo.

For those who don't want to read the whole interview. Hears a quote from it about his upcoming projects.

SG: Last question: whatís next?
DE: I had planned on taking off the end of the year, writing for myself, and then taking more time next year. And as it turns out, I have five films booked, which is the most Iíve ever had in the future, which is weird. Iíve never been able to see more than two or three ahead, and I donít like, actually, having my future all booked up. So itís a very weird thing because itís like, ďOh, I see. Fourteen months of my life is already totally spoken for,Ē and itís scary, but it just happened. Itís a two-Tim Burton year, and a Sam Raimi, so thereís three. Iím not going to say no to Tim and Sam -- thatís already three movies. And then Men in Black, well of course I donít want somebody else to do number 3, so there was another one. And then another one called The Hunger Games popped up, which seemed like really interesting thing. Different -- and different catches my attention in a way thatís like, ďOh, I canít ever pass up a chance to do something different.Ē So that dealís not even closed, it may not even happen, but weíre well along with that.

And Iím doing, at the moment, Cirque du Soleil [Iris], which also turned into four times the job that I imagined. Itís like doing four films back to back, because itís like scoring scenes in film, and as you finish the score, the director says, ďOh, and I shot a whole bunch more footage for it just yesterday.Ē Oh. ďAnd itís twice as long now.Ē Okay, letís start all over again. So itís a constantly shifting thing, and incredibly interesting and different, but itís gobbled up many more months than I could have imagined. So it, in fact, is probably going to take me straight up untilÖ Oh, Frankenweenie, of course, is in there, as well as Dark Shadows. Iím already having to start to write pre-production music for Frankenweenie and for Oz because of stuff that theyíll sing to, the themeÖ So itís going to be an interesting period, after which I hope to take a big chunk of time off and write a bunch of concert music that I have in my head.

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