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Default Re: Favorite Badass: Jackman's Wolverine or Fassbender's Magneto?

Directors are payed a lot of money to give direction to the film. That is one of the main things with First Class...

Magneto in First Class was badass because he was written that way and given the material he was given with Fassbender did the job I expected and made me live and pretty much cheer for magneto.

Ian's Magneto is an older magneto who is more driven by his mind than his POWER. That is the main focus of the first film. that didn't follow on the later films. While he was powerful and all, he couldn't spin the machine in x1 to turn everyone into a mutant. So he is using more mind and less muscle. Ian's magneto was like acting a shakespearean's sonet. Which was great and awesome.

Now.... Wolverine... He was written watered down. He only had a few badass scenes on the movies. Had singer done origins, The opinion in this poll would be reversed. There is more leeway for wolverine than there is for magneto to do badass.

-You don't know or you don't care? -PICK ONE! THAT IS THE WOLVERINE.

BUT- You killed my mother... So great.

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