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Default Why doesn't Cap seem to age?

In the latest edition of Captain America, Steve Rogers notes that in chronological terms he would be over NINETY. Even allowing for the fact that he's been frozen for 20 years(between 1945 and 1964), he should be showing his age by now and not looking permanently as if he was just out of his teens. I have a theory as to why he is seemingly immune from ageing. The Super Soldier Formula permanently altered his DNA structure, esp the telomeres which govern physical ageing. The shorter they become the more the body ages. But when he ingested the SSF, it changed his DNA- his telomeres rewind constantly, which means that he can never physically age(although he CAN die, in the sense that his body suffers injury beyonds its ability to heal itself).

I have a theory that this is the reason supernatural beings such as mythological deities( Thor, Hercules, Valkyrie) vampires and werewolves are also immune from physical ageing.

Anybody think as I do?


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