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Default Re: Why doesn't Cap seem to age?

You're overthinking this. Anyone here tell you its simply Marvel not wanting to age any of there characters. Hell, DC is in the progress of deaging some of their characters come Spetember.

OK, fine. Lets say something in his enhanced blood is keeping him young. Still doesn't explain how every.single.character in comics, up to and including Archie, don't age. These characters are a product. They need to be marketed to their target audiences. And when one generation of audiences grows too old, a newer generation of potenial fans will come in to be introduced to these charcters who, after several generations, have the same faces and same ages. Its just the policy of these companies to keep their products from aging.

Now, unless I'm totally missing the "real" point of this thread and you meant for this topic to be taken loosely and for fun, there really isn't any hidden reason why Cap, or any comic character, do not age other than their companies want them to stay the same.

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