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Default Re: James Mangold will direct The Wolverine

Well, as I feared, we got someone bland

I'm not saying Mangold's a bad director (Cop Land, Girl Interrupted and Walk The Line were good films) but he's just not the great director we needed.

I know the list of suitable replacements for Darren was short, not to mention almost impossible/unattainable, but they really could have done better.

Danny Boyle, David O. Russell, Alejandro González Iñárritu...

Then again, those guys would have required serious convincing (big money).

While I think we might get a decent film, with Mangold we probably won't get that definitive film we coulda gotten with Darren. And no, I have ZERO doubts about the quality of the never-made Aronofsky Wolverine movie. Anyone here that really knows anything about Darren Aronofsky knows the man cannot fail. His movie would have blown The Dark Knight outta the water.

Mangold is gonna have to go to some deep and dark places and tap into that fury and isolation that define the character. He'll have to push Jackman to places most directors would be afraid to and he'll need to keep the studio machine in check. If he fails at any of those we'll get yet another crap rendition of yet another great Wolverine tale.

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