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Originally Posted by ladyloki View Post
I agree with 04nbod , its not that I dont like Sif . I think she is a good strong character but Thor with Jane is more interesting. She can put him in his place without being a badass fighter, Sif and Thor are alot alike. Prersonally from what I read the whole Thor/Jane was doomed to fail which is sad, because she had to adapt to being an asgardian so quickly with out any traning what so ever and expected to pass Odin's trials, I think Odin knew this and let her try to satisfy Thor. ... and what makes it sadder is that her memories are wiped, so she dont even get to remember the time they had together.

I would love to see this storyline in a sequel, if they are planning on going with Sif as a love interest it would be a good way to end the relationship with Jane , very dramatic and I can see Hemsorth, portman and hopkins pulling this off very well .
Hi I am new and I just got introduced to this website recently. Well I wanted to post about what I would like to see in Thor 2.

I am hoping they do not stick to the comic books with Thor..if they do maybe the 2010-2011 editions. After seeing the movie I researched Thor and everything about him and the characters, I loved how they change alot of things compared to the comics.

I like how they changed Jane around and made her even more of a fun character to watch(loved the cuteness of her personality) than how she seemed in the comics. I am hoping that Jane and Thor are endgame.. to me I relate to Jane like every other woman and to me Sif and Thor just seem boring together. Thor seems alot more happier with Jane than he would with Sif..Sif is like a female version of Thor and I get the more brother /sister feel with them. He changed because of Jane not because of Sif. Plus Natalie Portman is a big time actress so I doubt that she would not end with Thor.

Honestly from this movie I do not see a Sif/Thor relationship happening.. they changed the dynamic around from Jane being a nurse to an astrophysicist whom falls in love with Thor without him having an alter ego and how he believes in her and her work.
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I am hoping for Enchantress and Executioner.. from what I read about them it would be fun.

Thor returning for Jane and at the end she follows him to Asgard..then in part 3 she has Thor's baby and she gives up everything to be his queen and Odin is the one pushes for the relationship after fighting it in part 2.. seeing how Thor is his best when he is with Jane.

Loki and Sif get together and he becomes Thor's true brother..

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As you can tell I am a romantic at heart and Thor and Jane are a super couple in the making.

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