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Default Re: James Mangold will direct The Wolverine

Originally Posted by Alexei Belyakov View Post

While I think we might get a decent film, with Mangold we probably won't get that definitive film we coulda gotten with Darren. And no, I have ZERO doubts about the quality of the never-made Aronofsky Wolverine movie. Anyone here that really knows anything about Darren Aronofsky knows the man cannot fail. His movie would have blown The Dark Knight outta the water.

Mangold is gonna have to go to some deep and dark places and tap into that fury and isolation that define the character. He'll have to push Jackman to places most directors would be afraid to and he'll need to keep the studio machine in check. If he fails at any of those we'll get yet another crap rendition of yet another great Wolverine tale.
Everyone thought that Ang Lee was going to blow us all away with his Hulk movie, and it ended up being a pretentious bore fest in the drama department. You never know with these things sometimes, but yeah, chances are DA would have made an amazing Wolverine movie.

But, Mangold could too, in Copland he handled the central hero of the piece extremely well, he made us care about and understand him, and his moment of heroism in the final act gave you that special hairs on the back of your neck buzz that such moments are supposed to generate.

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