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Default Re: Thor Sequel Ideas

Originally Posted by Vartha View Post
Welcome aboard Thor GaL!!
Well Jamie/Sif is actually wanting to play Sif like she likes the new Thor. You kind of see that at the end when she's talking to Frigga.
Thanks!! Ya I did notice at the end she might start liking Thor .. I just hope they do it where Thor ends with Jane.

I see something where Jane dates a new guy in his absence and that Sif is there so he rebounds in a way but at the end Sif pushes them together. Idk I get this feeling that they are making it more about Jane/thor since Kevin wants it that way. Originally they had scenes filmed where Sif has a crush on Thor but in an interview Jaime said they took those scenes out cause Kevin wanted main focus on Jane/Thor.

Thor and Jane seem more fun because she is his match in the sense not like any other woman he has met and we relate to her more than Sif plus it would be like Thor would marry himself if with Sif.

But in the end if any relationship happens, I hope it is done more action in the movie. Thor/Chris is just awesome.

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