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Default Re: Joss Whedon leading on "Avengers" short list of directors - Part 1

Originally Posted by flickchick85 View Post
Ha, sorry, I just noticed this was a response to me. Yes, CitW was MGM (now bought by Lionsgate), but what I meant with that statement was that, while Joss has worked outside of Fox, he hasn't yet found any success outside of Fox, so he keeps having to go crawling back to them and then have his projects get treated like s*** by them. It's not a healthy relationship for either party, lol. So with Avengers, it would be nice to see him find success with another studio for once.
I want this to be for Joss what Mission Impossible 3 was for JJ Abrams. My love for the both of them and the work they've done is equal, but I feel like where JJ has found further success on television and has elevated himself to the point where he's making films, Joss has been floundering. I want The Avengers to be a stepping stone for Joss, so he can tell the stories he wants to tell and actually get a little respect for once.

For one, I want to see the guy do more television. His original creations are always great, but I'd love to see him collaborate with Marvel on a TV project. *cough*X-Men*cough*

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