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Default Re: When should the DVD come out?

Originally Posted by Thor_Odinson View Post
My favorite Thor poster is the 3D IMAX one. I saw Thor in 3D IMAX only once, but I just love that poster!
Which one is that?

I'm really glad we're getting an August release... although my immediate question is... is that definitely an August release for the U.S.? Or in overseas markets? That is, I'm wondering if they're going to stagger the DVD release the way they staggered the movie's opening?

If it's coming out that early in the U.S. too... is there any sense of what it might "mean" that they've decided to bring it out earlier than expected? Not that I am complaining! I'm just wondering what the marketing/promotional strategy might be. I was assuming that them getting to bring out Thor in the early fall, and then Cap a couple of months later, would be a way for them to remind folks about The Avengers.

Could it be due to how quickly it's losing screens in this crowded summer? And thus, Marvel doesn't expect it to stay in theaters earning money as long as IM or IM2 did, and thus sees no reason not to let it start making its money on DVD?

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