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Default Re: Thor Sequel Ideas

Originally Posted by Vartha View Post
Yeah I hope it's done properly too. I mean Jane won't be in Avengers and since Thor makes his way back to Earth but do they say it's Jane that helps or is it Odin shows Thor how to get back to earth using Mjolnir as a Dimensional transport device?

I mean it's seems like Thor would be going back on his word by not seeing Jane in Avengers.
I agree.. I know the first thing he is going to want to do beside stop his brother is to go see Jane...

I think also in the sequels I think it will be Sif whom will be the one to let Thor go.. I can see it play out like this.. Jane is with someone else because it has been a long time.. or Odin demands he marry an asgardian .. but something happens where Jane is in danger and Sif knows she will not have the love from Thor he has for Jane.

The writers and director already set it up for Jane and Thor so lets see what happens.

I just want their moment to be special and romantic.. like a forbidden love when they see each other again.

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