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Default Re: Move over Ironman,Thor is now the best marvel comicbook movie.

Originally Posted by Ponyboy View Post
Whoever said Iron Man was the best comic book movie? And while I love Thor, I think most folks can agree that Iron Man is a better film. Come on now.
No you come on man.Thor was 5 times better and in comparison,makes Ironman unexciting now which yes,till now,was the best MARVEL comicbook film.

Get it right,dont put words in my mouth I said Marvel comicbook film not any comicbook film.Theres no competition at all.Thor blows all the other MARVEL comicbook films out of the water easily because of the reasons I gave.Hands down,no contest.Captain America looks good so it might give Thor a run for its money but I doubt it.Like I said,Cap is going to have his work cut out for him.I just posted my reasons now.please read them. oh and Asgard was amazing as well so was the musical score which was very touching at times just like the score for Superman I & II were and another reason why this movie easily separates itself from all other marvel comicbook films and is easily the best of them.

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