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Default Re: Ratner's take on X3 a few years later.

Originally Posted by Kingslayer View Post
Yeah, I can't blame him for being bitter, but he deserves much of the blame nonetheless. It's not like this film is a simple blip on his directing career. Essentially everything he's churned out has been pretty bad (although I personally think Red Dragon is fine). I understand that circumstances for the film were far from ideal, but I think he would be more accepting of that instead of just strictly saying he wouldn't change a thing.

However, that all being said, now that I reflect more upon it, I think a lot of the fault lies with Penn and Kinberg, because the script was likely subpar to begin with. And matters just got worse when they lied to fans about various things. The whole thing was just a troubled production from the moment Singer jumped ship.
I know this is an old ass thread, but I just stumbled upon it.

I agree with this thread.

My main blame for this film goes to Kinberg and Penn. They are the ones who wrote all the bull crap stuff that happens in the film.

My next blame, not as much but still blame, goes to Matthew Vaughn, because a lot of the problems with the script came from his involvement on it.

Ratner came in late to the game, and his only real creative change was moving the Golden Gate Bridge sequence from Act 2 to the climax. A lot of Vaughn's horrid ideas were taken out of the script.

I do put blame on Ratner for the pacing of certain scenes. The greatness in X-Men, X2, and now X-Men: First Class lay in the depth of heart they have in them. X-Men: The Last Stand has some really good moments, but they are just that; moments.

Ratner went for the more kinetic, energetic pace, and in some ways I think it worked better than Singer's films, but at times, it didn't, and the movie didn't get a chance to breathe.

Overall, I agree with the Ratner interview. I don't think that the movie is nearly as bad as fans make it out to be. I think they are overly bitter because of things like Cyclops dying, Xavier dying, and Rogue being cured. I agree, I hate those things too, but outside of that, and a few minor things here or there, the movie really isn't that bad at all.

There are movies that I watch and I think "yup this movie is bad but I still enjoy it anyways", but when I watch X-Men: The Last Stand (and even X-Men Origins: Wolverine) my thought is "what -exactly- is the problem here? Because it's really not that bad"

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