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Default Re: Ratner's take on X3 a few years later.

Originally Posted by Kingslayer View Post
I really like the idea of the Cure being a human reaction to the Phoenix saga. I think both X3 and a potential X4 could have been very tightly focused movies that would excel as a result. I think you could even get away with Sentinels in this X4, as part of the human reaction to Phoenix.

Cyclops has really gotten the shaft the entire trilogy, and it just seemed like he was poised to be a major focus for the third entry in the franchise, but was just written out because Wolverine became the focus. Does anyone have any idea if there was any truth to Cyclops being written out of the script as a result of Marsden signing onto Returns? I recall rumors, but it sounds like a fanboy explanation for his poor characterization to me.

I agree that the decision should've been a major struggle. I also think the decision to take the cure is just bad characterization. You're right, she should be a major part of the Cure storyline since her powers are so potentially detrimental to living an ideal life. Just wasted potential, like everything else in that damn film.

Sigh. I know what I'll be doing if I ever invent a time machine or befriend a crazy old doctor.
As I recall, it all stemmed from the fact that Marsden had signed on to film Superman Returns and had a scheduling conflict, and it was Simon Kinberg who came out and stated "We've come up with a brilliant way to deal with Marsden's absence and write Cyclops out" (paraphrase)

The whole "Fox wanted to punish Marsden for going to Warner" was the fanboy bitterness.

Fact is, even though the fanbase thinks that Singer's X3 would have been perfection (and it very well may have been), Singer walked, and he took his treatment with him. So NOBODY had anything from Singer to work with. In their defense, Kinberg and Penn (and Vaughn) had to write their script from scratch. Between the 3 of them, there were some really horrid ideas. Thankfully, a lot of them didn't make the cut. And unfortunately, some of them did. Like Cyclops dying.

Kinberg, Penn, and Ratner did get some pretty good stuff on the film too. I love the movie and in many ways think it's the best of the series, so they did something right. But the movie also did the most wrong. And unfortunately a lot of what was wrong was due to Singer leaving, Singer taking one of the essential actors from the movie (not saying Singer was wrong in doing so, but it did cause a negative impact on X-Men), and a bunch of "creative" minds who couldn't adequately overcome the obstacles put in front of them.

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