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Default Re: Move over Ironman,Thor is now the best marvel comicbook movie.

I didn't like the first Iron Man movie that much, think it has the most bad@$$ origin for a superhero, but never thought it deserves being a top-tier
Thor is made out of awesomeness, and one of the original story writers is JMS (don not translate it the way you think it means if you think it means JMS can do no wrong, I meant JMS is a brilliant writer for Thor)
Sure he wasn't alone in making the script, and for screenplay it was edited
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Whoever said Iron Man was the best comic book movie? And while I love Thor, I think most folks can agree that Iron Man is a better film. Come on now.
You ignored Marvel

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move on
I did enjoy this one more than the other 2, still do, even with me being now tired of the mess in the X-Books I'm taking a leave off of them

I'm still sticking with The Incredible Hulk, that movie was really made to please me as a fan of the angry green giant

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