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Default Re: Favorite Badass: Jackman's Wolverine or Fassbender's Magneto?

Originally Posted by Marvel View Post
Well said but still, I agree with Alexei Belyakov that Logan defending the mansion in X2 and ending with the claw pop "just shot me" scene is extremely badass and beats the bar scene in X1. I even love the Creed rematch in Origins where he learns his lesson and stabs Victor in the throat. Logan is getting the short end of the badass stick around here even though I agree 100% that Fassbender is amazing and I'll never get tired of watching that bar scene in First Class.
Yeah, I mean, when I am watching the whole lot of First Class on dvd over and over, I will never tire of that scene in Argentina either, but I think if I watched it religiously, on it's own, the way I used to watch that particular Wolverine scene, I might make myself a bit sick of it. So i think I will save the impact of that scene for when i am watching the whole movie, not just skipping to it.

I think I can do that with that particular Wolverine scene because there is not much in the way of slick sfx moves, I mean, that is part of the appeal of the Magneto scene, i know that is not all of it of course, it's the attitude of the character and the scenario he is in. But, after getting to know all the moves in any kind of action scene too well, I could make myself a bit sick of the cool moves. What's different with that Wolverine scene is it is kind of a mood scene, rather than action, a series of still, quiet, incredibly tense moments, punctuated by a couple of moves that are so fast you hardly see them. I never get sick of the moves in that scene, they fly by so quickly, but still look and feel perfect, so I want to see them again and again.

But, aye, lol, there are not many movie moments I have watched that many times, that probably holds the record for me, I used to do my flatmates heads in the amount of times I played my first bootleg tape of that scene back in 2000.

I agree that 'shoot me' scene is perfect Wolveine too, man, I wish they had had him charge through some bullets like in the books after that moment, but it was the perfect ending to the mansion attack, leaving you wanting more.

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