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Default Re: Batman Forever had the best merchandising of ALL the Batman films

Originally Posted by theman View Post
lol this thread went in a totally different direction from where it started. yeah i dont know what transformers has got to do with batman forever. i cant stand those movies with shia ledouche.

anyway, haveing rewatched the franchise, i can see why Forever did well back in the day. Returns may be the better film obviously since it has alot more darkness and depth, but Forever was defiently a fun movie and honestly, i miss the days of the exicting OTT batman film. there were REAL batmobile, not some tank thing, gotham city was a character in itself, and the villians were fun and interesting. nowadays everything is so serious, i guess to fit in with these post-9/11 "dangerous" times? i still think they have gone way too serious with batman. they should at least get back to the balance that tim burton had, that mixture of crazy action, comic book stunts, dark world and dangerous yet humouress villians.
I agree. The closest thing to a perfect Batman world to me is the Arkham Asylum/City games. The mix of comic book action with grounded reality is perfect.

I would love to see the next set of films follow that route as closely as possible. I hope robin is introduced as well. He can be done right despite what some simpleton bat-fans think.

More on topic though, I actually enjoyed the merchandising and hype for Batman forever more so than the film. I loved the figures and still do to this day. They didn't have nipples on them to begin with haha.

This was my first Forever Figure I picked up. I thought it was damn cool, and I still do. I always had trouble finding an actual regular looking Batman though haha. I had to wait on the sonar suit 2 pack

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